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De Lucia Creative, LLC Provides Web Design & Consulting Services for Artists, Artisans, and Art Organizations

Client Satisfaction

Pauletta's artist's eye, business training, and experience designing websites make her a creative consultant I will surely recommend to others and consult with again when needed.

Grace Scharr McEnaney, Artist

About De Lucia Creative, LLC

De Lucia Creative, LLC was launched by Pauletta De Lucia as a niche web design and consulting enterprise to serve the needs of visual artists, artisans, craftspeople, and arts organizations. She delivers custom design solutions and approaches the design process in collaboration with her clients. Drawing on her years of experience as a web designer and her visual design, photography, and digital marketing background, she works with you and listens closely to what your goals are for your site. She uses a streamlined creative project management process and carefully plans your project. A visual aesthetic and content strategy is developed and supported by best practices in UX, SEO, and current design trends. Whether you are ready to create an entirely new website or plan to keep your existing website and want creative direction to improve it, we can achieve your goals. Click on the circle icon below to schedule a 15-minute initial consultation.

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Pauletta De Lucia is a web designer, creative consultant, visual artist, and content creator with a lifelong passion for the arts. She has earned certifications from the Project Management Institute in Project Management for Creative Projects and New York University's program in Digital Marketing. She is an exhibiting artist whose medium of choice is photography.  Pauletta is on the governing board of Connecticut Women Artists and, for four years, their web designer and content strategist.

Web Design and Consulting Services for Our Clients


Web Design

E-commerce Options

Web Design

Custom Design

Intuitive Navigation

Content Creation

Copywriting & Editing

Photo Editing


SEO Copywriting

Quality Authoritative Content

Design Clients Include

Connecticut Women Artists, Inc.

Phyllis Small

Consulting Clients Include

Nina McKitty

Grace McEnaney

Mallorie Ostrowitz


Pauletta De Lucia, Principal

De Lucia Creative, LLC

Rosemary Benivegna

All major credit cards accepted.  Located in Connecticut, U.S.A.  Copyright 2023 De Lucia Creative, LLC.  All rights reserved.

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